Celebrating Chinese New Year

February 27, 2015
Learning Majong

Xin Nian Kauile!! Happy Chinese New Years!! I am pretty stoked this year because my Ben Ming Nian, aka a year of bad luck, is finally over!! The Year of the Sheep is going to be great.

My boyfriend loves throwing a Chinese New Year party and every year it’s truly enjoyable. We invite friends and family, make dumplings, drink baiju (unwillingly), and play majong! This was the first year I finally learned and played Majong. Ready to win some chips next time!

Making Dumplings for Chinese New Year

Making dumplings for Chinese New Year – Photo by Ke!

Baiju that no one wants

Baiju that no one wants – Photo by Ke!

Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar year…and if it’s your Ben Ming Nian, wear lots of red!

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