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Christmas in San Francisco

January 5, 2016

There is nothing like a Christmas in San Francisco. I could go on and on about my love affair with San Francisco during any time of the year but nothing tops the holidays in this beautiful city. Every year I look forward to Market Street’s decorations, the Union Square Christmas tree, and of course The Nutcracker!!

This year, I decided to fly my brother out from Miami to visit Ke and I for the holidays. He had never been to San Francisco before, let alone California. My little brother is also a really great kid who is constantly studying and babysitting our younger sister so I really wanted to treat him to a nice winter vacation.


San Francisco is so beautiful no matter the time of year. While it rained throughout the week my brother visited, I got to show him around on the sunny days 😀








The one place I wanted to take him to the most was Tahoe. We both grew up in Miami so our exposure to winter in general was zero. I didn’t see snow until I moved to the bay area and this trip was his first time as well :D. My little bro is an awesome skateboarder and he really want to try snowboarding, so I planned a day trip to Kirkwood using the Bay Area Ski Bus.

Let’s just say snowboarding is not as easy as skateboarding xD. It was a fun, albeit long day and I’m happy he had a chance to try a winter sport.


The Nutcracker

The night before my brother had to fly back home, we went to see The Nutcracker. A trip to San Francisco during the holidays is not complete without seeing The Nutcracker…though I seem to be the only one that feels this way among my friends.

However, just like his older sister, my brother absolutely loved the ballet (his first one :D) and I’m glad we could share the moment together.

The Nutcracker in San Francisco


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