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Birthday Trip to Cabo San Lucas!

June 28, 2015

Surprise Gift

Not to be outdone by my surprise trip to Chicago gift, my boyfriend Ke gathered a group of our friends (including fellow buddies with June birthdays!) and surprised me with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Unlike the one day notice I gave him, Ke gave me adequate time to get bikini ready and to give vacation notice to my new job. He booked an incredible home on VRBO that also included the loveliest chef and maid I have ever met.vrbo-in-cabo



Hurricane Blanca

After months of preparation and bikini dieting, our trip was almost water boarded by Hurricane Blanca. In the days leading up to our flight, Ke and I checked our phones religiously, following weather reports and hurricane maps.

Our VRBO host contacted us to offer an extra day at the house for free due to the early onset of the rainy season. Talk about service and good luck! We and most of the group were able to easily change our return flights to stay an extra day.

We landed on Saturday to a humid, warm city and spent the entire day Sunday hanging out in the house (and pool), playing board games, eating guacamole as Tropical Storm Blanca strutted by. By Monday morning, the sun was shining and the heat was rising.




Horseback Riding

I had only three goals in Cabo: Go horseback riding, go snorkeling, and get my read on. We booked time with Rancho Carisuva who picked us up and drove us to the ranch. As soon as I hopped on my horse Princessa and was able to guide her, I immediately pretended to be in a fantasy novel riding across the desert to save the world…or something like that. Even after my long scary gallop on the beach, I kept thinking I should finally sign up for lessons when I get back home. But after three days of extreme pain and bruising I decided otherwise xD.




For snorkeling, we all went on a Cabo Escape cruise and cruised out to a nice bay with fish and a little bit of coral. The best part about the cruise was that not only did it include snorkeling, it also includes an all you can drink and eat party afterwards, with a DJ and all. I got my tan on!



Good Food and Good Times

The best part of this Cabo vacation was sitting by the pool reading, playing cards and board games with all of my friends (I won at poker and took all the chips!), and stuffing my face with Mexican food. Nothing beats waking up to a homemade Mexican breakfast, daily homemade guacamole, and deliciously prepared dinners every night by the sweetest lady you can imagine. We also checked out a few local places in Cabo for even more good food!



A Spectacular Ending

This trip to Cabo was pretty fantastic. It was my first long vacation in over a year and I was surrounded by great friends and an amazing boyfriend. For one of the nights, Ke made reservations to this beautiful restaurant at The Resort de Pedregal, with me under the impression that this was for my birthday. When we arrived, we were greeted by concierge and escorted through the gorgeous resort to their outdoor restaurant that was literally on a cliff.

We soaked in the ocean view, enjoyed a splendid meal of fresh caught fish and cocktails, and talked about our upcoming trip to China. While we waited for dessert, Ke practiced Chinese with me, asking questions his family might ask in China, including when would we have children haha. At one point, he turned to me, told me how much he loved me and popped the question! I was completely shocked, so much so that I couldn’t speak and only nodded. After stuffing back tears and finishing dessert we relaxed at the champagne bar and celebrated with Krug Champagne 😀





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